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VIVR8 Success: Story of a Dancer and Dancing Horse


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Champaign, IL (March 11, 2014) – Janice Dulak, a Romana’s Pilates Master Instructor Trainer at Dulak Pilates Center, discovered the power of VIVREGEN’s VIVR8 when her dressage horse Rubyait was injured.  She describes her journey and ultimate success with Rubyait thanks to VIVR8.

“My story begins with the fact that I was one of those horse crazy kids who could only dream about having one.  I grew up in suburban southern California and only the wealthy kids who lived in the hills had horses.  So, I danced.

I became a professional dancer and traveled and lived all over the world performing, teaching and choreographing.  Any chance I could get I would find a horse to ride, rent or just see, I would.  One day a friend’s father needed a home for one of his racing horses.  Super Hoofer appeared at my doorstep and my journey began. Through the years with Super Hoofer (aka India) I learned that, just as people, horses needed to find the sport they liked to do.  And India wanted to do dressage. My mare was now 12 and I realized that while she had talent as a dressage horse, if she was bred to a dressage horse, I could now have the dressage horse of my dreams.

Rubyait was born on April 13th into my hands.  India was the perfect mother and I was in heaven.  Having a foal to imprint and train from day 1 was both exciting and full of trepidation. What a responsibility!  But the years went by and as we both grew we learned a lot about each other.

He was bred for dressage and has proved he is quite capable of the sport. His dressage work has been progressing nicely and at 11 years old last year, we got our second 2nd Level score toward our USDF Bronze.  Now we are working toward flying changes and 3rd level.  All has been going smoothly until out of nowhere, literally after having two weeks off due to a poorly fitting saddle, he turned up lame with both front suspensory ligaments intolerable sore.  We put Ruby on stall rest and bute for 7 days and then I was to begin to work him slowly. A slight right front swelling developed during this time, which was quite odd since there had been no swelling previously. When my German trainer rode him, he was not moving very happily forward.  I kept wrapping Ruby’s front legs at night and using ice boots and lineament after his workouts, but a slight swelling persisted in the right front.

Video 1:  (Here is Ruby coming back from his front suspensory tendon issues but before the injection of VIVR8. You can see him not moving freely forward when trotting.  He is a bit backed off and not truly happy to move even though he has a professional rider on his back.)

It was at this point that I was informed by a friend of the product VIVR8, a new regenerative therapy.  I had done Legend and Adequan before with no real results, and I was a bit wary of trying this product.  However after more research, I decided my horse was well worth trying it.  After all he was coming 12 with a bright dressage future ahead of him and worrying about whether he could physically handle it was distressing to me.

I had my vet friend come over and gave Ruby a subcutaneous injection of VIVR8 on a cold Wednesday night.  In the morning I came out to feed, and checked his right front and was amazed to palpate his leg and there was absolutely no swelling and his suspensory ligaments were tight!

I left Illinois to head down to Florida shortly after the injection.  I brought my horse to my trainer there and as usual, she rode him first.  Ruby was swinging forward beautifully, soft and round.  My trainer spent about 20 minutes warming him up, and then stopped and said, “This is a completely different horse than the last time I rode him!”  She was totally amazed at his transformation, especially given the fact he had hardly been ridden for about 6 weeks!

Rubaiyat is now progressing quickly.  For years while he was showing talent and capability, he always had a bit of tension in his body. Now, all of that tension has dissipated.  In fact, he is even less spooky!  I believe this is all due to the comfort in his body from VIVR8.  I now plan to use VIVR8 on a regular basis as a preventative measure for all the stress and strain he will endure as an athlete and dancer.  I know all about that!”

Video 2:  (After VIVR8 injection in just 3 weeks: Rubaiyat had not been ridden since the last video, you can see Ruby is swinging happily and moving forward with ease in his body.)

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Photo: - Janice Dulak and Rubyait. (Photo courtesy of Janice Dulak)

Photo: – Janice Dulak and Rubyait. (Photo courtesy of Janice Dulak)