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VIVR8 Helps Dog Go From Limping to Romping


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Chicago, IL – Monday, October 28, 2013, started out just like any other day. Connie dropped her dog, Trinity, off at daycare, just as she’d done for the past four and a half years. And, just as always, Trinity was happy and wagging.

However, later that morning, the daycare manager called Connie with alarming news: Trinity refused to put any weight on her left front leg. Nothing had happened, but Trinity was limping badly.

A trip to the vet followed, and although the x-rays showed no fractures or other obvious problems, Trinity was in evident pain and continued walking three-legged for the next few days, despite prescribed pain medication.

Three weeks of rest passed, but Trinity failed to improve. Connie brought Trinity to her regular vet, Dr. Judy Cole at the Rand Road Animal Hospital, for a second opinion. Dr. Cole examined Trinity but couldn’t find a reason for her pain. She suggested it might be a bone bruise or soft tissue injury, neither of which would show up on an x-ray, and could take months to heal. She prescribed more pain medication, frequent icing, and ten days of solid rest. Trinity improved slightly, but still walked three-legged three months after the problem first began.

Video 1: (Trinity walking on 3 legs on the VIVR8 injection day)

Finally, on January 18, 2014, Trinity returned to the vet and received her first injection of VIVR8, an innovative regenerative therapy, and a second injection a week later. Almost immediately, her appetite picked up.

“Trinity’s doing well,” Connie said, two weeks after the injections. “She rarely limps, and everyone’s commented on how much better she seems. She’s energetic again, follows me around constantly, and always wants to play with her toys and do tricks, something she hadn’t done for months. She’s happy and excited all the time. I’m very pleased. It’s nice seeing good progress and a happier dog!”

Video 2:  (One week after the VIVR8 injection, Trinity’s limping is getting significantly better)

Video 3:  (3 weeks post the VIVR8 Injection, Trinity is walking normal again. And she is energetic:  she follows me around again (constantly!) and always wants to go downstairs to play with her toys, something she has not done for months. 

Now, it has been two months since the initial VIVR8 injection. Trinity is doing better than ever. “She almost shows no sign of limping,” Connie said, after a recent visit to her vet for Trinity’s regular check up.  “She has a ton of energy these days. She definitely feels better.   Dr. Cole was very happy to see Trinity doing so well too.  Although we don’t have definitive diagnosis of Trinity’s injury, we both agree that VIVR8 was the right course of action. I’m very happy with how Trinity has done with it! ”


VIVR8 by VIVREGEN is a natural biological matrix formulated as a convenient injection powder. Unlike other conventional injection products which temporarily alleviate symptoms, VIVR8 has the ability to activate the host’s own stem cells and enhance the healing process. VIVR8 reduces down-time for animals with injuries to soft tissues such as tendons and ligaments, and also improves performance and quality of life for animals suffering from arthritis and other chronic inflammatory conditions.

VIVREGEN, LLC, is a biotech company engaged in the development and commercialization of regenerative tissue technologies. Its Regenerative Tissue Matrix (RTM) is the result of a breakthrough in collaborative stem cell research among researchers, physicians, and veterinarians. Its inaugural product, VIVR8, has helped hundreds of horses and companion animals regain comfortable, productive lives after experiencing difficulty healing from soft tissue injuries and chronic conditions.

VIVREGEN is working with veterinarians such as Dr. Cole and the Rand Road Animal Hospital ( to pioneer a new era of noninvasive, cutting-edge regenerative technologies for pets. To learn more about this exciting technology, or to partner or collaborate, please email VIVREGEN at, or visit