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VIVR8 Client Agreement


VIVR8 is a natural non-cellular biological matrix intended to stimulate animals’ own repair and regeneration systems and to enhance their ability to reduce inflammation and heal. It is not a drug and has not been approved by the FDA. In field clinical trials and case studies, VIVR8 has been used in animals with lameness or reduced mobility as a result of soft tissue damage, orthopedic injury, chronic inflammation, surgery, muscle soreness associated with intense training or use and degenerative conditions such as arthritis. Enhanced healing and mobility is usually observed after injection of one or two doses of VIVR8. In animal athletes or animals with chronic inflammation, maintenance doses every three to four months may be beneficial to keep the animals in better condition.


Possible Complications; Recommendations 

VIVR8 is derived from natural equine biological tissue. Side effects associated with VIVR8 injection are typical of those associated with injections, including bleeding, infection, swelling and other adverse effects. These adverse effects are rare. Normal swelling typically resolves in a few days without intervention. Occasionally, there can be allergic reaction to VIVR8 in non-equine species. Co-administering Benadryl is recommended to minimize the likelihood or extent of reaction. The effects of VIVR8 on cancer cells or latent tumors have not been studied. It is advised to examine animals prior to using VIVR8 to ensure that the hosts have no tumors.


Disclaimer, Limitation and Liability Matters

TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW:  (1) VIVR8 IS PROVIDED BY VIVREGEN LLC (“COMPANY”) SOLELY ON AN “AS IS” BASIS; (2) Company AND ITS DISTRIBUTORS DISCLAIM any warranty regarding VIVR8, express, implied or statutory, including as to merchantability OR fitness for a particular purpose; (3) In no event shall Company OR ITS DISTRIBUTORS be liable for damages, including incidental, INDIRECT, consequential OR PUNITIVE damages suffered by YOU or any third party arising from breach of warranty, breach of contract, negligence or related actions; (4) The only remedy available from Company AND ITS DISTRIBUTORS in connection with VIVR8 is, in its discretion, replacement of, or refund of the fees FOR, A DELIVERY OF VIVR8; (5) The total maximum liability of Company AND ITS DISTRIBUTORS with respect to VIVR8 shall not exceed the monies, if any, actually received by Company for such portion of any Services; (6) the dealings between the parties shall be construed under the laws of the State of Illinois without regard to choice of law principles; (7) you shall commence and prosecute any lawsuit or legal proceeding arising in connection with VIVR8 or the dealings between the parties only in the federal or state courts located in Chicago, Illinois; and (8) you waive trial by a jury for any such proceeding.


Owner/Agent Consent

I have read, understand and agree with the above content. I further understand and agree that VIVR8 should not be administered in humans or in animals intended for human consumption. I shall be responsible for any consequences related to the use or handling of VIVR8 with animals I own or under my care.  I understand that injection of VIVR8 may result in the complications identified above or other unexpected negative effects. I also understand that, while VIVR8 has benefited many animals, not every condition or every animal responds positively to VIVR8 injection. I hereby agree not to hold: VIVREGEN LLC, its owners, officers, employees and associates, or its partners, including distributors, liable or responsible for any unfavorable consequences in connection with VIVR8, including the loss of life and/or side effects or discomfort or illnesses.