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VIVR8 used to be a therapy I grabbed when everything else failed. Now, it’s the first thing I consider” – Dr. Laurie McCauley, the Medical Director of TOPS Veterinary Rehabilitation (Grayslake, IL)


This case had a dramatic response to VIVR8. By Day Five the carpus had returned to original size and the range of motion had improved to approximately 70 percent of the original examination. Ben’s lameness reduced to a Grade 1 by Day 5.” – Dr. M.W. Myers, DVM, at Deepwood Veterinary Clinic in Centreville, VA.


Here are videos of Dr. Sue’s testimonial and her dog Zeke before and after VIVR8 injection.

Dr. Sue’s Video testimonial

Video of Zeke before VIVR8 treatment

Video of Zeke After VIVR8 treatment
” – Dr. Susan Liszewski, Veterinarian, TLC First Animal Hospital.


After the first injection of VIVR8 I noticed a huge reduction in the swelling of his hind legs, within 2 weeks he was almost sound. So I decided to do a second round and Serrano went completely sound. At this point I decided to keep him on a maintenance dose every 3-4 months and he has responded remarkably… After having such a horrible experience with joint injections, I am relieved that there is now an alternative product that will reduce inflammation and promote healing.” – Heidi Zorn, Horse owner & the owner of Premier Equestrian, Utah.


My vet told me that Floriano is doing fantastically!!! …. It broke my heart to watch helplessly while this proud and brave horse struggled around his stall even to eat his hay. Floriano is now turned out all day in a small pen, and is doing so well that my vet told me yesterday that she is tempted to give him a somewhat bigger area. It is truly amazing that a horse that was barely able to hobble around his stall for over a year is now able to walk and even trot around a small turnout area with the slightest head nod. Everyone had given up on Floriano, but thanks to VivRegen, we’re reaching my goal of pasture soundness for a safe retirement with a good quality of life!” – Debbie P, NY


Rubaiyat is now progressing quickly. For years while he was showing talent and capability, he always had a bit of tension in his body. Now, all of that tension has dissipated. In fact, he is even less spooky! I believe this is all due to the comfort in his body from VIVR8. I now plan to use VIVR8 on a regular basis as a preventative measure for all the stress and strain he will endure as an athlete and dancer. I know all about that!” – Janice Dulak, Pilates Master Instructor Trainer at Dulak Pilates Center (IL)


We thought Aspen was going to die…She was in so much pain, even after steroid injections… (after VIVR8 treatment) She is able to run and playing and barking and acting like her old self again! It was truly incredible how far she came along.” – Rob, TX (Owner of a 12-year-old Boston Terrier, Aspen)


Trinity is doing well – her limp is rare enough that her Daycare and our friends have commented on how much better she seems. And, she is energetic: she follows me around again (constantly!) and always wants to go downstairs to play with her toys and do all the tricks, something she hasn’t done for months … I am very pleased – it’s so nice to see good progress and a much happier dog! ” – Connie, IL.


On Sunday December 12 2012, Scout was on a search when he ran down into a wooded ravine and came up the other side on three legs. We treated him with Rimadyl and took him to the vet on 12/19. He was diagnosed to have elbow dysplasia. The x-rays were sent to the University of Missouri and the vet there concluded that he had a chip in the soft tissue of his elbow as well as another chip off of the point of elbow and surgery was recommended. We opted for VIVR8 injection instead. He was given one injection of vivr8 at the end of December. He was off of the Rimadyl within 24 hours and completely sound in the next few days. He went back to full work. At his Jan. 30 check up at the University, the vet commented that the healing was remarkable based on the new x-rays. 3 vets examined him for an hour and forty minutes, finally deciding they could not make him limp and a surgery was not necessary. ” – Kristi Shaw.


I wanted to share my story about my little Welsh Pembroke Corgi. About 2 months ago, Amber began to drag her left front leg. I took her to several vets and was told she had an injury to her cervical spine and her mid spine. I was also told she needed surgery… She is 12 years old and that didn’t seem like an option, plus the expense was overwhelming. I had seen the VIVR8 treatment at a clinic and was interested in trying it. Amber got her initial shot and got about 70% better. Then she got a follow up shot one week later and WOW! Within 5-6 days everything in her realm… she actually ran away and we had to chase her at high speed … I have seen several other dogs helped by VIVR8 also. I would recommend it to anyone. ” – Bonnie Stalk.


Bebe was diagnosed with a broken pelvis after she had fallen on the concrete while walking out of her stall. After seven months of walking and stretching in a large area outside, we brought her home. She came home as lame as the day she left. Her vet recommended VIVR8. Within days she was moving better and within a week she was very sound. Three months later she was back in the show ring doing the training jumpers and came home champion. She has been sound ever since. ” – Ashleen Lee.


Cuervo strained his left front suspensory ligament in early June 2012. He was very noticeably lame under saddle. The vet advised us to give him several weeks of stall rest and hand walking. In early June he received his first dose of VIVR8. Within 6 weeks he was already back trotting the long sides, slowing working our way up trotting for 20 minutes. He was very sound under saddle and continued to look and feel stronger and stronger. However, he was so happy that he had another small injury at the beginning of the August. The vet said that the VIVR8 inside of him would help him recover, but he also injected another dose of VIVR8 to give Cuervo the additional help. By mid August he was back to trotting and cantering every day. By mid September he was back to normal flat work and starting to jump. By the beginning of October he was jumping small courses, including oxers. VIVR8 has made him feel stronger than ever, and he has shown no signs of lameness since coming back to normal work. He is now back to a completely normal program, which includes jumping every week at up to 3′ 9″, and feels great. ” – Michael.


Felix is an investment, Warmblood, Dressage horse that was purchased in California the end of October 2011. He had several soundness issues, that were taken care of through routine maintenance and corrective hoof care, but he had a nagging slight lameness, that he would often work out of in the front right. He was stiff on the right rein, characteristic of a horse not wanting to load the right front. The vet examined him at the end of March 2012, and said it was Laminar pain in the right front hoof. The vet gave him a shot of VIVR8 at 5pm, and I rode him the next day around 1pm. He was 85% sound and by the following day 100% and has been sound since ” – Allison.


For the first time since the month of July when Giddeon was diagnosed, he is not swollen at all in his right leg. The left, which is more affected by the DSLD, is down considerably– even the wind puff is gone. And he has KNEES!! I did not realize how swollen he was in his front legs. This is AMAZING. THANK YOU! PS This is 48 hours after the initial injection. … So not only has this helped with the DSLD, it has cured a chronic skin disorder. ” – Emmanuelle.