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VIVR8 canine

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The required dose of VIVR8 for canine is dependent on the weight and size of the animal. A protocol generally consists of the initial dose and a booster injection in 1 week. In most cases, 1 protocol is sufficient to achieve sustained positive result. In performance animals or animals with chronic conditions, periodical maintenance may be beneficial.


VIVR8 canine enhances healing, agility and performance by improving animals’s own ability to rehabilitate themselves after experiencing an acute injury, soft tissue wear and tear, or when fighting with inflammation. VIVR8 has shown benefits in:


  • Soft-tissue injuries such as tendon, ligament, muscular and connective tissue injuries. Examples include anterior cruiate ligament  (ACL) tear , cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) tear, tendonopathy, tendonitis, iliopsoas muscle injury, superficial digital flexor tendon injury, muscle strain and sprain, etc.
  • Inflammation and degeneration of the joints and skeleton such as arthritis, degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia, bone fracture, etc.
  • Inflammation and disorders of the foot, spine and intervertebral discs such as intervertebral disc diseases, Wobbler Syndrome, spinal cord injury, injury to the paw, etc.
  • Post operative rehabilitation