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VIVR8 – Setting A New Standard in Veterinary Regenerative Technologies

VIVR8 is a cutting edge regenerative technology based on years of stem cell research. It is a non-cellular biological matrix containing mediators secreted by stem cells during an active regeneration process. Upon injection, VIVR8 activates the host’s own regenerative system resulting in accelerated healing, improved agility and enhanced performance.

VIVR8 has demonstrated the ability to promote healing and improve animals’ ability to rehabilitate themselves after experiencing acute injuries, or when fighting with chronic inflammation. VIVR8 has shown benefits in:

  • Soft-tissue injuries such as tendon, ligament, muscular and connective tissue injuries
  • Inflammation and degeneration of the joints and skeleton such as arthritis
  • Inflammation and disorders of the foot, spine and intervertebral discs
  • Post operative

How is VIVR8 different from other regenerative therapies?

Unlike other regenerative therapies such as stem cell therapy, which typically require expensive and invasive procedures, multiple vet visits and waiting for hours or even weeks for treatment, VIVR8 requires only an injection. With VIVR8, accelerated and enhanced healing can be achieved in a cost-effective manner.

Convenience: VIVR8 can be used in animal hospitals, veterinarians’ clinics, rehab centers, or in the field at owners’ sites. There’s no need to invest in extra equipment.

  • On site stem cell processing can take more than 3 hours, while other stem cell processing systems take days and samples can get lost or compromised in the mail. Other regenerative technologies such as platelet-rich plasma therapy also require significant processing time. Multiple vet visits are necessary.

Noninvasive: Injection of VIVR8 does not require surgery or anesthesia. It eliminates the risks and pain associated with the surgery required to harvest stem cells from the patient. Because of the anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties of VIVR8, it may be a superior alternative to traditional joint injections.

  • Stem cell therapy requires anesthesia and surgical harvesting procedure which carry their own risks.

Quality: VIVR8 is manufactured in a cGMP facility that’s fully compliant with the FDA regulations.

  • Many biological products including stem cell therapy are not manufactured in cGMP facilities calling into question of product safety, quality and consistency.

Cost-effectiveness: VIVR8 accelerates healing and enhances performance in a natural and cost-effective manner. VIVR8 is priced reasonably so that more animal lovers can have access to our cutting edge technology. The effect of VIVR8 can be seen as early as 48-72 hours.

  • The cost of stem cell therapy and other regenerative technologies can easily reach thousands of dollars. Many owners can’t afford these therapies for their loved animals and millions of animals continue to suffer poor quality of life despite availability advanced technologies.
VIVR8 is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We encourage you to discuss VIVR8 with your veterinarian. If you or your veterinarian are interested in additional information, please contact us at 1-888-552-0277or email us at