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Dr. McCauley Revives Ailing Canines Using Non-Invasive Regenerative Therapy


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Grayslake, IL – Mary Lou was worried about Darby, her eight-year-old Irish Wolfhound who has only 3 legs. Her dog had reached the point where she had a lot of trouble getting up on the couch or bed. Even climbing up and down stairs had become a major effort. All she wanted to do was lay down. Unwilling to give up on her beloved pet, Mary Lou brought Darby to see Dr. Laurie McCauley.

A 1992 graduate of Colorado State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Laurie McCauley is the Medical Director of TOPS Veterinary Rehabilitation, which she owns and operates with her husband Tom. Since starting TOPS Vet Rehab in 1998, Dr. McCauley has been credited as one of the pioneers of veterinary rehabilitation, and has become one of the most recognized names in this field.

Dr. McCauley at work

Dr. McCauley examined Darby. The dog had severe arthritis also known as degenerative joint disease. They discussed options. Dr. McCauley suggested a new therapy she’d been using, injections of VIVR8.
darby - credit Laura Johnson
Darby, an 8-year-old Irish Wolfhound

“VIVR8 can be a great addition to many companion animal practices or rehabilitation centers because it’s a non-invasive injection with similar benefits of stem cell therapy without the high price or need for anesthesia and surgery,” she explains.

Mary Lou agreed to give it a try, and was thrilled with the result. After VIVR8 injections and other therapies, Darby chewed off her harness and began acting like her old self, going for walks and jumping up on the couch and bed again. Navigating the stairs was a whole lot easier.

“Darby was having trouble with her back legs, basically walking on three legs,” Mary Lou said. “One month after the VIVR8 treatment, she could jump on furniture and walk longer. She continues to improve over time. I really like the product. It worked well for Darby, who’s much happier now that she can jump on the bed again by herself.”

“Darby showed great improvement in both physical health and attitude,” said Dr. McCauley. “She‘s willing to try new things and is happy Mary Lou, the owner, reported that Darby went up the stairs by herself for the first time in a very long time. She’s very happy and wants to know if we could repeat the VIVR8. We will most likely do this at her next visit.”

Last year, Dr. McCauley collaborated with VIVREGEN and completed a series of case studies using VIVR8. Of the fifteen patients included in the case study, eleven (74%) achieved significant improvement. Whether hip dysplasia, painful arthritis, ligament or muscle tear, or nerve root pain, VIVR8 significantly improved the patients’ symptoms and quality of life with its powerful anti-inflammatory and regenerative healing properties.

“VIVR8 used to be a therapy I grabbed when everything else failed. Now, it’s the first thing I consider,” said Dr. McCauley.

Another patient, Nellie, an eight-year-old Springer Spaniel, used to be an agility dog. She ruptured a tendon, had recurrent shoulder injuries, and was unable to extend her elbows without weekly therapy.

“Nellie showed dramatic improvement within two months of the VIVR8 injection,” Dr. McCauley noted.

Nellie on Bennington 9-13 (credit Nicole Finitzo)
Nellie on Bennington

“Three years ago, Nellie had a biceps tendon rupture, and had surgery,” said Nellie‘s owner, Nicole. “We started seeing Dr. McCauley for rehab. A year ago she hurt her right biceps, but this time did not go through surgery. Her shoulder, elbow, and stifle were weak. She received two VIVR8 treatments and is doing very well right now. I really like the product. It’s not invasive, no need to inject the joints. Nellie is not young and is not doing agility any more, but she’s a very tough dog. She’s still very active and tries to climb trees when she’s excited. We rarely see her lame in the front. She’s still getting chiropractic and massage, and VIVR8 is an important part of her therapy.”