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*Tucker: Abnormal gait/neurological symptoms (with images/videos)


Tucker was adopted in Nov. 2011. He had multiple strange physical problems. He had difficulty trotting and cantering, and had a stilted, short gaited walk.  After several months’ rehab, he became happier and stronger. However, he was not sound and still quite stiff.

Current diagnosis/symptom

Abnormal in all gaits and moved as if neurologically affected. No specific diagnosis


Within 48 hours he was moving a bit more freely.  Since then his gaits have gradually improved.  He is no longer irregular behind.  He is not limping on his front foot.  He appears to be able to reach further with his shoulder and front legs.  He was recently taken to his first horse show, where he received a 66% at Training Level.  A week later Tucker was taken to his first jumping clinic, where he learned how to move more uphill and began gymnastics training. Two months later, he won a division champion.

Conclusion or client comments

Dramatic improvement

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Tucker Bull Run Hunter Champion
Tucker Bull Run Hunter Champion