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*Trinity: Undiagnosed limb soft tissue injury (with images/videos)


Trinity was injured in October 2013. X-ray did not show fracture or other problems, but he was obviously in pain and walked on three legs. After lots of Rimadyl and other medications and rest, Trinity did not improve. Her vet recommended VIVR8 in January 2014.

Current diagnosis/symptom

Presumed soft tissue injury


One week post injection, her limp has improved noticeably. It was rare enough that her daycare friends commented on how much better Trinity was.  And, she was energetic, constantly following the owner around again and always wanted to go downstairs to play with her toys, something she hadn’t done for months. One month follow up at the vet, she was doing exceptionally well. She was back to her old happy and energetic Trinity again.

Conclusion or client comments

Dramatic improvement! The owner notes “She almost shows no sign of limping. She has a ton of energy these days. She definitely feels better.   Her vet was very happy to see Trinity doing so well too.”

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