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Stern: Post-knee surgery


Stern had significant knee injury and had to go through a very invasive surgery in June 2011 in which a large portion of his knee was shaved. His surgeon at Rood and Riddle predicted that Stern will never race again due to this injury.

Current diagnosis/symptom

Post-operation wound


12 months after the surgery, Stern recovered remarkably. By June 2012, Stern was back in training. His vet retook X-ray and ultrasound to determine that Stern was completely healed. The trainer and owner decided to let Stern race again. Stern’s first race was in River Downs on July 14, 2012. Nobody expected him to win. But boy, what a race Stern ran on his first race after the surgery. It was a stunning victory for Stern and the beginning of his glorious second act.

Conclusion or client comments

Dramatic improvement

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