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*Serrano: Arthritis/DJD/Previous joint infection (with images/videos)


In 2006, Serrano started having hock issues as a result of a severe twist in his hind legs. After six years of various maintenance treatments, Serrano received his first hock injection. The injection caused a huge reaction in his joint, which got infected and almost completely destroyed the joint and almost took his life. He spent 4 weeks in the hospital and 6 weeks on IV anti-biotics. He was then turned out for 9 months. By March of 2013, he had recovered but not all the way. He still trotted lame and was very reactionary to a stress test.

Current diagnosis/symptom

Osteoarthritis/DJD and damage as a result of infection from a previous joint injection


A huge reduction of swelling was observed after the first VIVR8 injection. In two weeks, he was almost sound. After the second injection, Serrano was completely sound. He’s maintained on VIVR8 every three months and is doing exceptionally well now.

Conclusion or client comments

VIVR8 helped Serrano significantly and is currently used as a gentler alternative to joint injection to maintain wellness and performance.

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Serrano Easy Glide
Serrano easy glide
Serrano and his owner Heidi