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Scott: Fracture and elbow bone chip


Scott is a Labrador search dog. In Dec. 2011, he was on a search when he ran down into a wooded ravine and came up the other side on three legs. He was clinically examined and x-rayed with the conclusion that he had elbow dysplasia and an elbow replacement was required. Upon second look, vets decided that he had a chip in the soft tissue of his elbow and a fracture at the point of elbow.

Current diagnosis/symptom

Fracture and bone chip


He was off of the Rimadyl within 24 hours and became completely sound within a few days and went back to work in two weeks. Since he had such a great recovery, additional x-rays were taken and 3 university vets were enlisted to evaluate his condition a month later. After 1 hour and 40 minutes examination, the vets concluded that he was completely healed and surgery was not necessary.

Conclusion or client comments

Dramatic improvement

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