Vivregen LLC

Saddie: Spinal cord injury, neuro damage, muscle contracture


Found in woods in 2012. Shrapnel in spinal cord on radiographs. Painful paraplegia, unable to stand, contracture of hip flexor

Current diagnosis/symptom

Neuro damage from a spinal cord injury > 1 yr ago. Changed muscle contracture.


One month post injection, sartorius muscle back to normal resulted in more dragging at first. Now building strength. No more dragging behind her, kicking rear limbs in sleep. Increased muscle mass. Two months post injection, Fibrous tissue in L/R sartorius bone – normal flexibility. More rear limb muscle mass. Still no femoral nerve innervation. Not dragging legs anymore. Much happier – not wanting to be grumpy.  Six months post injection,  getting out of bed on her own in morning (mom would have to get her out before). Going down the stairs to go out (had not been doing stairs). Still no function of femoral nerve. Owner reports attitude continues to improve

Conclusion or client comments

Great improvement in both physical health and attitude. Willing to try new things and happy. Femoral nerve damage is irreversible

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