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*Rubyait: Degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis (with Images/Videos)


Ruby’s mother had degenerative suspensory ligament (DSLD). Ruby has had chronic suspensory issues confirmed by hardening of suspensory ligament on ultrasound but the vet could not confirm if it was DSLD. In early December, Ruby had a flare up and the legs became swollen. Ruby was ouchy upon palpation on both left and right suspensory.

Current diagnosis/symptom

Presumed degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis (DSLD)


In 12 hours after the VIVR8 injection, the owner noticed the swelling was completely gone. A week later, he was kicked by another horse and had a gash on the inside of his left leg above the knee and right on the cannon bone. His leg was a mess. The next morning, he only had the tiniest of swelling near the gash above his knee. Three weeks post injection, Ruby was sent to Florida and the trainer was amazed how willing Ruby wanted to go forward. The owner reported that Ruby had never been better. Ruby’s owner now keeps Ruby on VIVR8 regular maintenance.

Conclusion or client comments

Dramatic improvement

Additional documents

Images, Videos


Photo: - Janice Dulak and Rubyait. (Photo courtesy of Janice Dulak)
Trot traudel - Rubyait and Janice (credit-Janice Dulak)