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Miko: Chronic laminitis


Miko suffered acute laminitis some years ago and now suffers from chronic laminitis and flare ups.  In February 2014, he had a bad flare up and this time was caused by the very hard ground.  So the owner got him shod with pads, but it did not help so he was put on stall rest for two weeks which caused hind end stiffness.  When his front feet were improved a bit, the owner  let him go out in a small turnout. He regressed! He was on 1 gram bute 2x daily

Current diagnosis/symptom

Chronic laminitis


Post 24 hours noticeable improvement.  A little of coxing but walk out of stall. Then walk much better. Post 48 hour even better today.  Walked right out of stall and wanted to walk! But still stiff behind. (but better) Post 72 hours continued improvement. Post 96 hours walked right out of stall and stiffness behind better! (gave second 5ml)

Conclusion or client comments

Dramatic improvement.

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