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Mick: Stifle injury


Mick is an 8 year old Westphalian/TB cross. Mick has always been weaker on his right hind. In May 2012 Mick sustained a soft tissue injury to his right stifle.  The injury resulted in difficulty advancing the right hind through a full range of motion.  The pronounced lameness was seen at the trot and canter.

Current diagnosis/symptom

Stifle injury


One week after the first VIVR8 injection, Mick showed steady improvement.  Mick moved from pronounced lameness in his movements, to just being slightly uneven.  After the first injection, the healing trajectory seemed to compress and become much quicker than what was expected with a soft tissue injury to the stifle. After a small setback due to some antics in the pasture three month post VIVR8 injection, Mick was given a second injection of VIVR8. Exactly one week after the second VIVR8 injection, Mick began to progress by leaps and bounds.  On many rides he seemed completely sound, and perhaps even more supple than he had before the original injury.

Conclusion or client comments

VIVR8 helped Mick significantly and is currently used as a gentler alternative to joint injection to maintain wellness and performance.

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