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Lilly: Severe arthritis and pain


8 years old Lab. Nerve root pain associated with Rt cervical lesion (sx C6-7). Significant OA in Rt elbow, L/R carpus, L/R hock, L/R hips, pain along T-L spine. Lyme disease positive, treated

Current diagnosis/symptom

Severe arthritis and pain


In one week, doing much better on walks. Willing to swim more. Moving more smoothly.  On walks now pulling instead of dragging behind. More active, less bitey. Joints move better.  Prior to VIVR8, needs rehab treatments every 7-14 days. Six month post injection, only needs monthly treatment. She’s still very active and no limping.

Conclusion or client comments

Great improvement in both physical health and attitude. Owner notes “she’s a whole new dog”.

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