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*Jake: Acute renal failure (with images/videos)


On April 28, 7 year old toy poodle, Jake, began throwing up and continued not even being able to keep fluids down. The next day, he continued to attempt to drink water but would throw it right back up. Pretty lethargic.

Current diagnosis/symptom

Acute renal failure with BUN >130 (normal range 7-25)


Two days after the initial injection, BUN dropped to 8, well within normal range. Jake’s kidneys were flushed twice a week for a month, and when retested, still showed BUN levels within normal. For the second month of treatment, fluid injections were reduced to once weekly. BUN levels again remained normal.

Jake has been completely turned around.

Conclusion or client comments

Dramatic improvement.  “Jake has ended up being our little miracle dog,” says his grateful owner.

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Jake Today (credit Susan Coursey)
Jake today