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Gertude: Sesamoiditis


Acute 3/5 lameness on left hind on 12/15/13. Positive to lower limb flexion. No improvement with rest for 6 weeks. Blocks to intra-articular fetlock and low 6 point. RX: moderate sesamoiditis of lateral sesamoid, suspect subchondral bone trauma of sagittal groove of P1. Ultrasound: mild/moderate lat suspensory branch desmitis

Current diagnosis/symptom

Sesamoiditis, Subchondral bone trauma of sagittal groove of P1, Lateral suspensory branch desmitis


Gertude developed severe subcutaneous swelling and edema at the injection site (left neck). Resolved after 10 days with no treatment besides icing.

Lameness recheck at two weeks: moderate digital pulses in right hind but no sensitivity to hoof testers or heat in the foot. No pain on manipulation. Lameness is still 3/5 RH but seems improved from the last visit. Note: horse’s shoes were pulled 1 week ago and is now barefoot in all four feet.

At four-week check, Lameness has resolved at trot in straight line but still present on circle. No stiff gait and no pain on extension/flexion anymore.

At two-month checkup, lameness is fully resolved.  Horse is turned out in pasture for one more month before gradually resuming exercise. The owner was very happy with the result.

Conclusion or client comments

Symptoms completely resolved.

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