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*Darby: Severe arthritis, DJD and myofacial pain (with images/videos)


Darby is an eight-year-old Irish Wolfhound who has severe arthritis and walks on 3 legs (RR Amputee, Kyphosis, DJD, decreased flex and pain in carpi, SDF, DDF, Rt elbow). She had a lot of trouble getting up on the couch or bed. Even climbing up and down stairs had become a major effort. All she wanted to do was lay down.

Current diagnosis/symptom

Significant pain and severe arthritis/DJD. Lax L hip, myofacial pain


After VIVR8 injection and within two months, Darby chewed off her harness and began acting like her old self, going for walks and jumping up on the couch and bed again. Navigating the stairs was a whole lot easier. By three months, she’s doing great and in great mood. Jumped on couch and bed! After four months, continue to do great.

Conclusion or client comments

Great improvement in both physical health and attitude. Willing to try new things and happy.

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darby - credit Laura Johnson
Darby, an 8-year-old Irish Wolfhound.