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Cuervo: Strained suspensory ligament


Cuervo is an 11 year old hunter jumper show horse. He strained his left front suspensory ligament in early June 2012. He was very noticeably lame under saddle.

Current diagnosis/symptom

Strained suspensory ligament


Within 6 weeks he was already back trotting the long sides, slowing working our way up trotting for 20 minutes. He was very sound under saddle and continued to look and feel stronger and stronger. However, he had another small injury at the beginning of the August. He received a second injection. By mid September he was back to normal flat work and starting to jump. By the beginning of October he was jumping small courses, including oxers. VIVR8 has made him feel stronger than ever, and he has shown no signs of lameness since coming back to normal work.

Conclusion or client comments

Significant improvement

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