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*Buster: Inflamed disc with neurological damage (with images/videos)


In January 2013, Buster began to act oddly: walking backwards away from his water bowl, and hiding and cowering in the shower.  Within weeks, the dog’s condition had deteriorated to the point where he could not walk, and shaking and panting, he was rushed to emergency veterinary services. He was diagnosed with disc inflammation and possible neurological damage. The pain medication (Tramadol) and a muscle relaxer (Methocarbamol) helped slightly but temporarily. By February, Buster was partially paralyzed.

Current diagnosis/symptom

Inflammed disc with neurological damage


In the first few weeks, the owner did not notice any changes. The vet decided to take Buster off the muscle relaxers. The very next day, the owner saw improvement in his movement and his incontinence improved. Within days Buster was up and walking–with help using the towel-walking approach–and was fully eliminating his bladder.” Each day the owner saw improvement and ordered a wheelchair to help rehabilitate his hindquarters as he had lost muscle tissue. After more than a month of partial paralysis, each day Buster continued to improve significantly. He is now able to run, jump, roll over and wiggle around, scratch behind his ears and put his front feet in the owner’s lap. He’s now 95% of what he used to be.

Conclusion or client comments

Significant improvement and reverse of neurological damage

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Buster in wheelchair 4 post treatment rehab (credit Debra Boughton)
Buster in wheelchair - 4 weeks post treatment rehab (credit Debra D)