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*Aspen: Severe osteoarthritis (with images/videos)


A 12-year-old Boston Terrier, Aspen started to have trouble walking and being in pain in April 2013.   Aspen was presented to her vet with Grade 4 lameness and was walking very stilted on all four limbs.  She would only take a few steps at a time and then stop and lay down.  Her pain scale was determined to be 3 out of 5, and further exams confirmed that Aspen had severe osteoarthritis of both hip joints and elbows, and probable lumbosacral instability or spondylosis creating a neurological deficit to her rear limbs.  Even after steroid injections, her condition still worsened to the point where Aspen could no longer get up to go the bathroom. Various alternative treatments including shock wave and EquiVibe did not help.

Current diagnosis/symptom

Severe osteoarthritis


In the following few days after VIVR8 injection, Aspen continued to show improvement and was moving faster than witnessed in the past.  After the 2nd injection of VIVR8 as well as an acupuncture treatment, Aspen improved even more quickly. She continued acupuncture and also an underwater treadmill exercise was added to her rehab program. Three months later, Aspen slowed down a little, and so she was given another dose of VIVR8 for maintenance treatment.  Within a week, she is back to active again.

Conclusion or client comments

Significant improvement. Aspen’s happy owner notes “She was able to run and was playing and barking and acting like her old self! … It was truly incredible how far she came along.”

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