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Arthritic Boston Terrier Experiences Amazing Recovery Through Innovative Therapy


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Lewisville, TX  – When 12-year-old Boston Terrier, Aspen, was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis, her owners were devastated.  “We thought she was going to die,” stated Aspen’s owner. “She was in so much pain.”  Even after steroid injections and multiple tests, her condition worsened to the point where Aspen could no longer get up to go the bathroom.  This is when her owners decided to take her to Dr. Douglas Stramel at Advanced Care Veterinary Services for further evaluation and one last chance.  Dr. Stramel’s clinic specializes in pain management and rehabilitation for animals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and he is dedicated to providing integrated and alternative therapies for pets.



Aspen was presented to Dr. Stramel with Grade 4 lameness and was walking very stilted on all four limbs.  She would only take a few steps at a time and then stop and lay down.  Her pain scale was determined to be 3 out of 5, and further exams confirmed that Aspen had severe osteoarthritis of both hip joints and elbows, and probable lumbosacral instability or spondylosis creating a neurological deficit to her rear limbs.  Dr. Stramel suggested trying more alternative treatments to see if her condition could be improved, and then decide on next steps.  Aspen was then hospitalized for treatment and monitoring her condition.

Dr. Stramel

Dr. Stramel

Dr. Stramel provided a 4-day treatment regiment starting with “shock wave” therapy using high-energy sound waves to stimulate and speed the body’s own healing process, as well as a continuous infusion of Hydromorphone-Lidocaine-Ketamine (H-L-K CRI) to manage the pain. Upon further examination, it was found that Aspen had further problems with her bladder, requiring immediate surgery for repair. During recovery, Aspen received acupuncture treatment as well as being placed on EquiVibe Vibration plate to stimulate neuroproprioception.  On the 3rd day of her hospital stay, she continued on the EquiVibe and H-L-K CRI, and was able to go to the bathroom by late morning.  On the 4th day, she was released from the hospital and went home.

A week later, Aspen came back for a recheck evaluation.  She was doing better, but appeared more painful than the first couple days she was home.  Aspen had a 30 minute acupuncture session during the visit to help with pain relief of the elbows and rear limbs.  She also had her first injection of 5ml VIVR8 – a new regenerative treatment provided by Vivregen, LLC, along with Diphenhydramine.  In the following few days, Aspen continued to show improvement and was moving faster than witnessed in the past.  A week later, she received a 2nd injection of VIVR8 as well as an acupuncture treatment.  In the weeks following, Aspen improved even more quickly while she continued acupuncture and Dr. Stramel was able to add underwater treadmill exercise to her rehab program.  “She was able to run and was playing and barking and acting like her old self!” stated Aspen’s happy owner, “It was truly incredible how far she came along.”

Three months later, Aspen slowed down a little, and so she was given another dose of VIVR8 for maintenance treatment.  Her owner stated, “Within a week, she is back to ‘amazing’ again!”

When Dr. Stramel evaluated Aspen’s case, he speculated, “Was VIVR8 the only treatment that I can be sure made all the difference?  No.  But I think that VIVR8 is a great adjunct in controlling pain.  I do not view it as a stand-alone therapy that will fix everything… those products just do not exist,” he added.

However, for Aspen and her owners, Dr. Stramel’s expertise and dedication to alternative therapies, including VIVR8, made all the difference in the world.


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